We’ve made some changes.

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for been so loyal. Wether you’ve been a customer for a week or 5 years, we truly appreciate your support and custom. 

You might’ve noticed our website has changed quite a bit. Due to the continued growth of our home delivery service and product range, these changes have been vital to cement our vision for the future. You will notice our main website is now www.kddavis.co.uk and not freshfruitatwork.co.uk. Both companies and websites are ours. 

More importantly, when you make a payment you now get directed to another page called ‘takepayments’. Take payments are our new debit/credit card provider powered by Barclays. 

This week we’ve added some luxury hampers and over 160 beer & wine products. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching our delivery business grow as much as we have. March is going to be another month of growth, new products and adapting to welcome our restaurant and bar clients back.

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