All our Rhubarb is grown in the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle, from various traditional family growers, that have been growing Rhubarb for as long as we have been selling potatoes. We have been selling forced Rhubarb since the middle of January, which I might add is still grown under candlelight, you can actually hear the rhubarb snapping and cracking as it grows if you are super quiet in the rhubarb sheds. But I’m afraid the forced season is just about over as we make way for the outdoor crop. We should still have forced but you will find the sticks are now quiet thin although still full of the same sweet flavour you will love. IMG_7762.JPG Due to the last two weeks of milder weather the outdoor rhubarb crop has really come on leaps and bounds, we are looking at a great crop this year and this is shown in the low price for the start of the season. Only £1 for 450g. You may be wondering what is the real difference between forced and outdoor crop? The forced is generally sweeter with its pink sticks, but you will find the outdoor crop quite bitter, which in some recipes is ideal but there is no harm in adding a bit of sugar to your recipe to make it sweeter. Forced Rhubarb Have you ever roasted Rhubarb? No, I hadn’t either up until last year, when a customer convinced me to try it and well I’ve never gone back, so simple and foolproof. Once you have this base you can go on to make crumble, tarts or just eat it with ice cream (which I think is the best). https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/roasted-rhubarb What do you do with your rhubarb? Leave your comments below, so we can all enjoy a Yorkshire tradition, Thanks Ryan Davis

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